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AI projects that use the Computer Vision subtechnology (solutions to find, track, and classify objects, in particular recognize text documents and images) are invited to cooperate with the Company.
The significance and potential for the development of artificial intelligence can hardly be overestimated. This is one of the key technologies to digitalize the Russian economy, and from the global point of view, AI is important for all humankind. Our Company uses artificial intelligence elements in many of our projects and the AI role continues to grow. Synergy of digitalization participants, exchange of experience, and joint work over the competencies are very important, so we are pleased to have the opportunity to become a partner of the Global Challenge – Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2020 Program, which is being implemented as part of the Sk[ai]Hub project.
Sergey Shilov
President and Founder of Digital Economy League

About the Company

Digital Economy League is a group of companies and one of the leaders in the Russian information technology market. It is one of the Top-20 major IT companies in Russia in terms of consolidated revenues. Digital Economy League creates information systems for the Safe City and Smart City concepts, implements digitalization projects in the telecommunications, financial, public, fuel and energy complex, retail, and mining and production sectors, as well as in the field of face recognition and artificial intelligence. Sergey Shilov, Russian IT expert and businessman, is the President and Founder of Digital Economy League.

Digital Economy League employs over 4,000 people throughout Russia. They include specialists in most of the technologies represented in the Russian market: CRM, ERP, ECM, CPM, ITSM, AI, BI, and Big Data.

Since 2018, the Company develops its corporate institute, the League Academy. It trains its own employees, and also organizes retraining courses for people with non-core higher or dual education for further employment in IT companies. The Academy also incorporates a platform to exchange experience between the Company's experts.

Innovation Center IT.Philosophy LLC

Innovation Center IT.Philosophy LLC develops and integrates business process automation systems and biometric data recognition solutions. It is a member of Digital Economy League.
Innovation Center IT.Philosophy has a large-scale client base, which has been collected by the companies of the Group over the past 20 years, and clearly understands the needs of customers in various markets. Thanks to the Company's experience and expertise, it can solve the most complex and urgent problems relating to the digitalization of the commercial and public sectors. Innovation Center IT.Philosophy is also open to researching new technologies with niche partners and co-creating innovative products with them.


Innovation Center IT.Philosophy offers services for the development, implementation, and support of digital services and solutions in two key areas.
Business process automation systems
Software for improving the efficiency of production and business processes, including systems for management of the field service personnel (such as ATM cash collection and repair for financial organizations, as well as automation of ambulance call management), systems for automation of the operation of contact centers, a target marketing platform, and a platform for rapid creation of processes and forms.
Biometric data recognition

Services for recognition and processing of images, video information, and voice, face recognition systems, human identification systems, object detection systems, and human attribute description systems. The solutions are designed for the banking sector, various organizations dealing with personal data of individuals and biometric data.

Innovation Center IT.Philosophy creates systems and services both based on its own solutions and using products provided by its partners, who are experienced developers and niche startups. The use of open source technologies and microservice architecture to create flexible advanced solutions is one of the Company's priorities.

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