Partner’s nomination: Marine Innovation

Marine Innovation LLC — is a Russian research company focused on the development of new technologies in the field of fiber-optic, sensor, hydro- and seismoacoustic and information technologies with the application in non-military marine technology.

Application deadline — August 26, 2020

Objectives and Directions

  • creation of solutions and providing them to companies for exploration of minerals, engineering surveys and mapping of the sea-bottom relief, that will allow to simplify and reduce the cost of marine geological exploration, as well as reduce adverse effect on the ocean ecology;
  • development of competitive samples of underwater robotics and underwater communication, and positioning equipment, necessary for the efficient and safe operation and maintenance of the marine infrastructure;
  • development of technological solutions for unmanned (autonomous) navigation, determination and generation of directions for the development of autonomous submersible for long-term work, where the use of traditional vessels with a crew is less economically profitable or dangerous for humans;
  • creation of infrastructure and services to ensure effective access to hydrographic, meteorological and navigational information, including based on satellite data, remote monitoring tools, platforms for multi-agent interaction of industry participants;
  • creation of innovative solutions for the development of satellite and land (marine) infrastructure of telecommunications and data transmission;
  • development of standard and replicated solutions for integrated automation of fisheries, environmental monitoring and monitoring of fisheries, including technologies for production, display and distribution of electronic fishery maps and tablets of fishing areas of the world ocean with visualization of the underwater environment and bottom relief;
  • creation of competitive technologies for the industrial development of marine bioresources, which includes technologies for marine farms management (including through the use of new engineering and biotechnologies);
  • development of digital technological solutions to reduce adverse effect on the environment, such as reduction of hazardous effluents, reduction of the risk of oil and oil products spills, biological safety, in the process of building vessels and hydraulic facilities;
  • development and use of robotic on-board and port equipment, and necessary for this sensors (including smart ones, with low energy consumption and high integrability);
Application deadline August 26, 2020
Nomination Opportunities
Implementation of your solutions in projects focused on addressing the UN objectives
Access to the Skolkovo ecosystem
Acceleration product development program for early stage projects
Participation in an educational program
Participation in an international business mission
Participation Requirements
Project teams and companies
*Company having a legal entity status up to 10 years and a turnover of less than 1 billion roubles.
Project that corresponds with the nomination objectives
In-house development/technology/
scientific content
Experts of the Nomination
The ecosystem for global development
and interaction of Russian AI projects