Partner’s nomination: Tinkoff

Tinkoff nomination is aimed at technology-based solutions directed to implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
The company is ready to support deep-tech startups!
Application deadline — August 26, 2020

Tinkoff – financial online ecosystem

Online ecosystem built around the customer needs. Tinkoff Ecosystem offers a full range of financial services for individuals and businesses, with over 11 million clients. Tinkoff focuses on developing lifestyle banking: the ecosystem helps the clients analyze and plan personal expenses, make investments, receive bonuses as part of loyalty programs, book travel, buy cinema tickets, book restaurants etc.

All Tinkoff services are available via mobile applications and at

Tinkoff does not have offices: the representative network allows quick delivery of the corporate products to any region, while a call center and other online communication channels are used for customer service. Tinkoff uses AI-enabled and machine learning technologies for all communications, over 40% of customer requests via chats are processed without participation of the bank staff.

All corporate products and most of internal IT-systems are in-house developed. 70% of the HQ staff are IT specialists.

This nomination invites companies and teams with their core competencies in AI technologies, to achieve the following goals:
Goal № 8 – “Decent work and economic growth”

Enhance capabilities of the national financial institutions to promote and extend the access to banking, insurance and financial services for all.

Voice cloning
Human voice mimicry
Biometric technologies
Goal № 9 – “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”

Develop reliable and sustainable infrastructure, including regional and trans-border, to provide affordable and equal access for all.

Crowdsourcing tools for machine learning (computer vision and Conversation Intelligence)
Secure multiparty communication for safe shared access to information by multiple parties
Goal № 12 – “Responsible consumption and production”

Enable the transition to using sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Recommendation systems, including those to promote responsible consumption
Nomination Opportunities
Implementation of your solutions in projects focused on addressing the UN objectives
Access to the Skolkovo ecosystem
Acceleration product development program for early stage projects
Participation in an educational program
Participation in an international business mission
Participation Requirements
Project in AI field that addresses the following goals:
  • Goal № 8 – “Decent work and economic growth”
  • Goal № 9 – “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”
  • Goal № 12 – “Responsible consumption and production”
A company having a legal entity status up to 10 years and a turnover of less than 1 billion roubles
scientific content
Experts of the Nomination
The ecosystem for global development
and interaction of Russian AI projects